Painting a Picture of HUMIRA Complete

[Text on Screen] Watch what real people who take HUMIRA have to say about HUMIRA Complete. Designed to offer the resources you need when you need them, HUMIRA Complete is not intended to replace medical advice. Consult with your doctor about your treatment. Please see Important Safety Information within the website.


I didn’t want to burden people with how I felt. So, I started turning down social invitations. I felt like I was on my own. Then, I found HUMIRA Complete. I went on the website to check out all the services that they offered and saw I could get a Nurse Ambassador. At first, I was very hesitant; I just don’t share with other people easily. She would ask me, “What’s goin’ on? How’re you feelin’? How’re your grandchildren?” She was definitely a good listener and she genuinely cared, so I opened up and began to trust her. My Ambassador is always there to help me access all the resources from HUMIRA Complete and to lend a listening ear. When I told my doctor about HUMIRA Complete, he was very encouraging for me to continue that relationship. My Ambassador would never take the place of my doctor, but I couldn’t imagine not having the Nurse Ambassador to help me. I am so lucky to have both.

[Text on Screen] Debbie


I thought the doctor prescribed something and the pharmacy just filled it. No. There was a sea of information that I couldn’t have anticipated or even understood. And of course my biggest concern was what is it gonna cost? Talk about stress. HUMIRA has an 800 number. I was able to talk to an insurance specialist and felt like, “OK, this person’s gonna help me through the process.” They sent me a savings card. It really brought the cost down for me. I have to say, I’ve always felt like the people at HUMIRA Complete were there, available, and willing to help.

[Text on Screen] Chad


Starting a drug for the first time can be pretty scary. Especially one that involves injections. Having to actually do that myself was even scarier. My doctor showed me how to give myself an injection, but I wanted a refresher. After I signed up for HUMIRA Complete, I was able to make a call and have a nurse come over. She walked me through the steps on how to inject myself and even gave me a sharps container. Having somebody there to guide you through is just so helpful. Without HUMIRA Complete, the whole experience would’ve been so different. I never thought I’d be able to give myself an injection, but here I am!

[Text on Screen] Alyssa

[Text on Screen] HUMIRA Complete