Your HUMIRA Nurse Ambassador* will be there for you, so you don’t have to go it alone.

*Nurse Ambassadors are provided by AbbVie and do not work under the direction of your health care professional (HCP) or give medical advice. They are trained to direct patients to their HCP for treatment-related advice, including further referrals.

Painting a Picture of HUMIRA Complete

It’s one thing to talk about dedicated, one-to-one support. It’s quite another to experience it for yourself. Here, 3 people tell their unique personal stories about starting and staying on track with their HUMIRA treatment—and the ways that HUMIRA Complete has helped them access the information and resources they’ve needed, when they’ve needed them.

Right from the start, you have a Nurse Ambassador on your side.

When you’ve enrolled in HUMIRA Complete, you’ll receive a phone call from your dedicated Nurse Ambassador. Your Nurse Ambassador is committed to helping you get off to a good start on HUMIRA, and stay on track with your treatment plan.

Your Nurse Ambassador will be dedicated to you, so you’ll speak to that same person when you call. That means you’ll have a familiar voice providing you with the resources and answers you need. 

An Ambassador will call you within one business day of enrolling in HUMIRA Complete.

Here are just some of the many ways your Nurse Ambassador can assist you:

Help you identify ways to save on HUMIRA

No matter your financial status or job situation, your Nurse Ambassador may help you identify ways to reduce the amount you pay for HUMIRA.

Reinforce how to self inject

Need a refresher on self-injection? Your Nurse Ambassador can connect you to the injection training resources available to you.

Help you establish a routine with HUMIRA

Your Nurse Ambassador can help you find ways to remember to take your HUMIRA as prescribed and show you how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.