Take control of your care.

A meaningful office visit starts with a clear conversation.

It’s important to partner with your dermatologist to create a treatment plan that’s right for you. But it’s not always easy to describe what you’re experiencing. Here are a few tips to best convey how you’re feeling and how to make the most of your next appointment.

Take control of your care If you feel rushed

If you felt rushed, try asking for the first appointment of the day. You both may feel less pressure when you’re not sandwiched between two appointments.

Take control of your care If you feel dissatisfied with treatment

If you felt dissatisfied with how well your treatment’s working, tell your doctor exactly what clearance means for you.

Take control of your care If you feel embarrassed

If you felt too embarrassed to talk about psoriasis and intimacy, practice what you want to say with a friend. It may help you feel more comfortable.

Take control of your care If you feel overwhelmed by information

If you felt overwhelmed by medical information, bring a notebook and take notes. Ask questions and ask your doctor to explain anything you don’t understand.

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See what’s possible

With a little preparation before an appointment, the conversation with your dermatologist could go smoothly.

Consider or write down the following before heading in to the office.

Talk to your doctor about:

  • How you want your skin to look and feel
  • How plaque psoriasis impacts you
  • Other considerations you may have

Ask your doctor:

  • What you can do to improve your skin clearance
  • What treatment options may be right for you
  • If HUMIRA biologic therapy may be right for you
  • What the risks and benefits of HUMIRA are

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