HUMIRA Citrate-free for Pediatric IBD

HUMIRA® Citrate-Free With Less Pain Immediately Following Injection

The same HUMIRA you trust has been redesigned with your child in mind.

Changes you can’t see


  • Citrate buffers associated with pain on injection, and other inactive ingredients, have been removed
  • The active ingredient is the same as it has been for over 15 years

Needle cover not made with natural rubber latex for both the HUMIRA Pen and prefilled syringe

Changes you can see

A thinner needle is just the beginning

  • 29-gauge vs 27-gauge

50% less liquid inside

  • Same size HUMIRA Pen and prefilled syringe
  • Same amount of HUMIRA active ingredient
  • Half the amount of liquid to inject

Redesigned Pen cap

  • You will notice the numbers on the caps are now white

Larger Pen window

  • The HUMIRA Pen now has a larger viewing window

Look for updated HUMIRA packaging

  • You may notice small updates to the HUMIRA packaging
HUMIRA® Injection Pen and Syringe