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Let’s talk about your symptoms

Let’s talk about the impact of your symptoms

Let’s talk about your treatment

Sharing details about your HS, no matter how trivial, can help your doctor piece together what your experience looks like and what treatment plan is right for you.

Where are you seeing HS symptoms (abscesses, nodules, scars, tunnels, and/or draining wounds) appear on your body?

Click on the affected areas

How would you describe your HS symptoms on a scale of 0-10 ?

Where on your body have you seen new or worsening symptoms?

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Sharing changes in symptoms with your doctor can help them figure out the management plan that is best for you. If you are experiencing a change, you aren’t alone!


Changes in severity should be addressed. If your HS symptoms are becoming worse, it’s crucial to tell your doctor.

I notice or think about my HS symptoms when:


If HS symptoms are affecting you more since your last visit, it may be time to discuss your management plan with your doctor.

Select any treatments below that you are currently using:

Select any treatments below that you have used/tried in the past:

On a scale of 0-10, how satisfied are you with your current treatment(s)?


If you aren’t currently satisfied with your treatment plan, it’s important to bring this to your doctor’s attention.

Email your results and bring them with you to your next doctor's appointment

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You’ve indicated the following while filling out your guide:

You've indicated your HS symptoms appear on the following areas:  


You would describe your HS symptoms as a   on a 0-10 scale, with 0 being tolerable and 10 being unbearable.

New or worsening symptoms

You have noticed new or worsening symptoms on these areas. 


You believe your HS has improved since you last saw your doctor.

You think your HS has gotten worse since you last saw your doctor.

You’re not sure if your HS has changed since you last saw your doctor.

It’s important to monitor your HS for signs of worsening symptoms. Your doctor can help evaluate and monitor your disease status over time including tunnels or tracts that may not be visible to you.

Changing activity

You notice or think about your HS symptoms when:

You have chosen not to answer this question.


It's important to tell your doctor when you notice your HS symptoms. This will help them better understand your HS experience.


You are currently using











to treat your HS.

You have chosen not to answer this question.

You are not currently treating your HS.

You have used/tried











to treat your HS.

You have chosen not to answer this question.

You have not treated your HS in the past.

On a scale of 0-10, you would rank your current satisfaction with treatment as a .

Total Impacted time:


Ask your doctor if HUMIRA is right for you

Find out if HUMIRA may be the right treatment option for you. Ask your dermatologist the following questions:

1. Could HUMIRA be right for me?

2. What are the benefits and risks of biologic treatments?

3. Do you treat other patients with HS?

4. How would you characterize the severity of my HS?

Stage I (mild)

One or more abscesses with no scarring or tunneling under the skin. Breakouts may clear up but then come back during any stage.

HUMIRA is not for people with mild HS.

Stage II (moderate)

Abscesses are widely spread and may become connected by tunnels. Tunnels (also known as tracts) can start forming deep in the skin, though they’re not always visible on the surface. Scars begin to form on the surface and within the deeper tissue.

Stage III (severe)

Large areas of the body are covered by abscesses and scarring with widespread tunneling beneath the skin, connecting multiple abscesses.

As the first FDA-approved treatment for moderate to severe HS in people 12 years and older, HUMIRA is a prescription medicine that targets and blocks TNF-alpha to reduce the excess inflammation thought to contribute to HS symptoms.


HUMIRA has proven results

After just 3 months in clinical trials, HUMIRA was proven in many adult
patients to deliver significant results:

  • At least 50% reduction

    in the total number of inflammatory nodules and abscesses*

  • No increase

    in the number of abscesses*

  • No increase

    in the number of draining wounds*

    *Your results may vary.

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